Meridian Road Films

San Diego based video production company specialized in providing honest content that positively reflects the people and stories in front of the lens.


Our Team

Meridian Road Films was founded by individuals that are no more greater than the crews behind them. Together they create a space for creativity and influence, making room for other crew members to reach their full potential and partners to grow their business through a positive medium.


Mark Arica

creative director / director of photography

Began as a photographer in 2011 and former psychology major turned filmmaker almost two years later. Self-taught in cinematography with a love for music, it is one of the driving forces for his visual style.

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Jonathan gonzaga

business development / producer / director

Business owner with a passion for visual arts. The love of visual arts and the tech around it pushed me toward a career in film. From behind the scenes business development to on set.


carla estrada

business development / administrator